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With a unique product line that can't be found in most department stores or catalogs, the Massachusetts based offers one-of-a-kind specialty gifts and accessories for pets, your home, office, garden, recreation and travel that can be viewed and purchased online at and through their Toll Free 24/7 order line: (877) 844-4438 (GIFT).


We are a contract manufacturer, a distributor and direct marketer of high quality gifts and products that make sense. Quality selections for the home, office, garden, pets, recreation & travel.

The products we have sold, manufactured, and/or distributed include: Pet Cruisers, Pet Murphy Beds, Bavarian Snow Sleds, Flag Hammocks, Bird houses and feeders, Kids golf, award-winning outdoor pet enclosures and pet strollers, Maine buoy bells, large tower wall clocks, travel cigar humidors, brass telescopes and much more!


Corporate Offices:
Midnight Pass Inc.
149 Old Main St, Suite 489,
Marshfield Hills, MA. USA 02051

Franklin, MA
San Jose, CA


Midnight Pass was founded in 1998 by former Sharper Image executive Brad White of Marshfield Hills, MA.

Mr. White decided he wanted to focus on high quality, non electronic products that were useful, well designed, and met specific needs, which led to the company's slogan: Products that makes sense...

In 1999 they partnered with Yahoo! to grow their online sales with exceptional results.

In the year 2000 Midnight Pass entered the pet industry marketing and distributing a line of pet containment systems. In the span of 5 years the partnership sold over 100,000 units and spawned the then non-existent Pet Stroller market.

The unique opportunities in the pet industry, and love of his own three rescued skipper dogs, moved Midnight Pass into focusing on high quality products for pets and their owners.

In 2005 they introduced their own line of products to the pet industry: the Pet Cruiser™ line of products for Pets on the Go™, and the Pet Murphy Bed™ to not only the US market, but to Europe, Canada, Australia, and Japan.

While Midnight Pass continues to add employees, grow domestically and internationally, it still maintains the streamlined effectiveness of a small company with a family atmosphere.


BRAD WHITE - President / CEO
Brad brings with him over twenty-one years of retail, wholesale and international marketing experience in consumer goods.

Formerly the Director of Business Development for The Sharper Image Corporation in San Francisco, Brad was responsible for all international franchisee and domestic wholesale operations, including international mail-order & catalog production.

Brad was educated at Ithaca College and Cornell University in both Ithaca, New York and London, England. He received his Bachelor of Science in Management, with a concentration in International Economics and World Trade in 1981.

His passion for the retail and mail-order business has driven him to start his own company in servicing the ever progressive and discerning customer that he has worked with over the last decade. E-Mail Brad White

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