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Manufactured and Distributed by Midnight Pass, these products for Pets on the Go include:
Pet Cruiser SPORT, a sport-style pet carrier for bicycles.
Pet Cruiser WICKER, a classic bike basket designed specifically for pets.
Auto Cruiser, the pet car seat and suitcase for your pet.

PET MURPHY BED™ This comfortable pet bed with the creative use of space is pet furniture that looks like people furniture.
PUPUP! FOLDING PET STEP Portable folding pet steps help older and larger dogs get in and out of tall vehicles without the joint-damaging need for jumping. Opens and closes easily and comes with its own carrying case.
LARGE DOG LOUNGER ELEVATED PET BED WITH AWNING A large, portable, elevated pet bed with awning-style canopy to get your dog off the ground with protection from the sun and rain. Great for camping, the beach, RV’s and dog shows, or just to keep in your own yard.

A visible, affordable, emergency vehicle escape tool for you and your loved ones. Combination window hammer and seat belt cutter, comes with quick release mounting bracket.

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