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Midnight Pass Joins APPMA, becomes C-TPAT certified to speed up imports and enjoys increased market penetration from the introduction of many new items in 2007.

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Midnight Pass Joins APPMA, becomes C-TPAT certified to speed up imports and enjoys increased market penetration from the introduction of many new items in 2007.

DATELINE: MARSHFIELD, MASS AND ORLANDO, FL… Midnight Pass, creators of innovative and exclusive pet products to thousands of customers worldwide, as well as a new member of the American Pet Products Manufacturing Association, Inc. (APPMA), will unveil six hot items for pampered pets and their discerning owners at the Global Pet Expo at the Orange Country Convention Center in Orlando, Florida.

Midnight Pass, a direct marketer and online retailer with corporate headquarters in Marshfield, Mass., creates and markets problem solving products that enable consumers to safely travel with their pets in cars and airplanes; or while peddling bikes or walking/jogging.

“ Midnight Pass has joined this leading non-profit trade association for pet product manufacturers and importers for several reasons,” said Brad White, founder and president of Midnight Pass Inc. “The company will enjoy better international distribution contacts and greater buying power of benefits and services by joining APPMA. Midnight Pass will also have the advantage of additional intellectual property counsel sources as well as import and export distribution assistance.” Market research, which includes data on consumer demand for certain pet products, is available to APPMA members and use of it will better enable Midnight Pass to maintain their competitiveness in a fast growing global marketplace.

White stated, “Ultimately, we’ll be better able to serve both our domestic and international customers with better designed products delivered in a faster and more efficient manner.”

The company also offers pet products geared towards enhancing home design, such as the Pet Murphy Bed (recently featured in the New York Times and on CBS news) which complements décor and maximizes small spaces.

Be sure to visit Midnight Pass (Booth #2970) to see these exciting new products:

· Pet Cruisers® , Wicker & Sport - Get out and ride your bicycle with your best friend! Midnight Pass offers the Wicker Pet Cruiser™ with the wicker charm of yesteryear and all the patent pending safety features of modern day or the brightly colored, padded Sport Pet Cruiser®, with safety harnesses, carry handles and all the bells and whistles plus a shoulder strap for easy portability. Prices range from $75.00 to $89.95

· Auto Pet Cruiser™ – Like to take your pets along for a ride in the car, but concerned about their safety? The Auto Pet Cruiser™ attaches to an automobile’s seat belt and is also a fully enclosed booster seat (allowing your pet to comfortably see out the window) while safely containing him/her. The enclosed booster seat doubles as a high quality suitcase travel kit complete with personalized name tags, fleece pad, loads of storage areas, removable food and mesh toy bags as well as travel wheels for the auto version. The fully portable patent pending design and heavy duty straps on the auto cruiser make it strong enough to use as a pet carrier as well ($129.95).

· Portfolio Pet Cruiser™ - a slimmer version of the Auto Pet Cruiser™ without the suitcase is also available for folks who desire a pet carrier that carries like a briefcase and pops up to a comfy patent pending pet carrier. Great for trains and planes too ($89.95).

· Pet Murphy Bed™ – As featured in the New York Times and on CBS This Morning, A classy, compact version of the adult Murphy bed. Offering a cozy and chic space for your pet to slumber, Midnight Pass’ innovative Pet Murphy Bed is the ultimate in comfort and compliments your home by easily blending in with existing decor as a stylish and compact piece of wood furniture with a contemporary raised panel front. The Pet Murphy Bed is a smart patent pending sleeping solution for home and recreational vehicle owners, where pet space is limited. The durable Pet Murphy Bed is available in three colors, Black, Mahogany and Natural and holds up to 200 lbs ($249.95).

· Pet Pilot™ by Creature Leisure® - As featured on NBC’s Today’s Show” Traveling with Your Dog” segment and catering to “jet setters” around the globe, Midnight Pass offers the ultimate in convenience, quality and portability with the new Pet Pilot travel carrier. The chic new Pet Pilot™ soft-sided rolling pet carrier doubles as a backpack. Whether you’re navigating busy city streets or traveling via land, sea or air, the Pet Pilot can be used as a wheeled carrier or backpack to hold pets or gear and greatly enhance your mobility ($175.00).

As experienced marketers, Midnight Pass was the first to introduce the portable outdoor line of containment products and sold more than 100,000 units in a short period of time. The company’s products are designed in the USA and are featured in many major mail order catalogs and are available online at

For a sneak preview of Midnight Pass’ pet products, visit

Timeless, Innovative Products for Pets and People has created several new lines, specifically the Pet Cruisers, Pet Murphy Bed and Wicker Cruiser lines and has shipped over 100,000 pet products worldwide. Midnight Pass has speedy same day shipping from both coasts and has 24/7 toll free customer service, ordering and an online catalog at

In addition to exclusive pet products, also offers consumer products for recreation and family fun such as the BlackBurn Double edged Tennis Racquet and the My First Golf set for kids as well as products for the home, office garden and many other useful items.

The line is varied, and the quality is excellent. With same day shipping, satisfaction guaranteed and informative customer service reps always available, Midnight Pass is bound to please.

Award Winning Service and Products
No stranger to the limelight, Midnight Pass has won numerous awards since 1998 for excellent customer service, product innovation, high standards of excellence as well as the coveted "Top Service" award by YAHOO online shopping.

The company recently won five Editors Choice awards from Cat Fancy Magazine and Pet Business in 2003, 2005 and 2006 and many Midnight Pass products have been highlighted recently on the NBC Today Show, ABC Good Morning America, CBS Evening news, CBS This Morning, The New York Times and CNBC and CNN television networks as well as SKYMALL®, Hammacher Schlemmer, Plow and Hearth, Wired, Maxim, Bloomberg, Newsweek Japan, Elle Decor, Town & Country, Cape Cod Life, LL Bean magazines and The Wall Street Journal.

Forward Thinking:
Midnight Pass Inc (MPI) is now C-TPAT Certified…..Allowing for seamless commerce on a global scale. That means that (MPI) products are delivered with an uninterrupted schedule in the event of tightened security at the borders.

With our new enhanced safety and security precautions deployed through out our supply chain from factory to your door, rest assured that our new Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT) agreement with the US government will insure timely delivery to you, our customer.

This initiative was developed after 9/11 for importers throughout the United States trade community and will help to continually protect our supply chains from the introduction of weapons of mass effect (WME). The initiative requires trade members to assess their supply chains for weaknesses and risks, and implement procedures to eliminate any identified weaknesses and risks.

We are proud and honored to be a new member of C-TPAT after a year of an intensive application process. C-TPAT registration is a voluntary government-business initiative to build cooperative relationships that strengthen and improve overall international supply chain and U.S. border security.

There are approximately 200,000 importers in the USA of which 7500 are certified C-TPAT members. 3200 of those members are carriers, forwarders, brokers, etc leaving only 4300 actual certified importers of the 55,000 apparel & textile importers alone, on an annual basis.

Midnight Pass Inc is in an elite population of only 2% of all importers working to protect our nations import supply chain.

Protect the Mark:
Midnight Pass has worked very hard to protect and preserve design ideas, trademarks and patents that seem to be often copied from unscrupulous resellers. White said, “We vigorously protect our intellectual property and spend the time and money necessary to allow our dealers to sell protected and exclusive products world-wide, without the threat of competition from lazy and dishonest copy cats that blow out inferior product while making them to look like original Midnight Pass products.”

Headquartered in Massachusetts, with additional warehouse/ distribution centers in MA and CA, Midnight Pass is a direct marketer and online retailer that has grown by leaps and bounds since its inception in 1998.

Founder Brad White, formerly the Director of Business Development at Sharper Image, envisioned something new by running his own high quality direct marketing business of products that make sense. White has taken years of product know-how and created a service that offers easy access to a wide range of innovative products and excellent customer service. With a unique product line that can't be found in most department stores, Midnight Pass offers one-of-a-kind specialty gifts and accessories for pets, home, office, garden, recreation and travel that can be viewed and purchased online at or by calling toll free (877) 844-GIFT (4438).

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