Pet Cruiser for Pets on the Go!
A Midnight Pass Product

Introducing the new family of Pet Cruiser pet transportation products for Pets on the Go!

Pet Cruiser Sport Style Pet Carrier for Bicycles
Pet Cruiser Auto Cruiser Portable Pet Car Seat

Auto Cruiser™
For Cars, Trucks, and RV's - Fully enclosed, portable pet car seat.

The world’s first pop-up fully enclosed car seat designed to keep your pet comfortable and secure. The pop-up compartment safely elevates your curious pet up over 8” for a wide field of view. Can also be used as a handy pet carrier and has plenty of storage space in the suitcase below for yours and your pet’s travel essentials. Cruiser attaches securely to your car’s seat belt. Whether you are taking a road trip, visit to the vet, or just cruising town, enjoy Pet Cruiser today.

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Auto Cruiser - PORTFOLIO
For Cars, Trucks, and RV's - Fully enclosed, portable pet car seat.

Slim, EZ-Travel & Store version of the Auto Cruiser, without the storage booster compartment.

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Sport Cruiser Pet Carrier for Bicycle fits all handlebars

Sport Cruiser™
Sport Style Pet Carrier for Cyclists

Portable pet bike basket with E-Z air flow design and a quick click universal bracket that fits all handlebar styles. Loaded with useful pockets and doubles as a portable pet carrier! This innovative portable bicycle basket allows you another opportunity to spend time with your best friend, cruising down the road in fashionable comfort, and style. Safely accommodates up to 15 lbs total with your pet and gear. Weighs in at less than 5 lbs. and collapses in down to 3” for easy transport and storage.

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Wicker Cruiser bike basket for pets

Wicker Cruiser™
Classic Wicker Pet Cruiser Basket for Bicycles

A modern spin on the classic standard of American bike baskets. Perfect for the cycling pet enthusiast or to cruise or haul groceries. Designed specially by the White family of New England for your pet’s enjoyment, safety and comfort. Deep enough to comfortably fit a cat or small dog up to 13 lbs and 13" at the shoulders and fits all styles of bicycle handle bars

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