Pet Cruiser for Pets on the Go!
A Midnight Pass Product

Auto Cruiser™ Pet Car Seat™ For Cars, Trucks, and RV's.
Fully enclosed, portable car set and suitcase for your pet!

Auto Cruiser Pet Car Seat

Auto Cruiser Fully Enclosed Pet Car Seat
Fully Enclosed to safely contain your pet without the need for leashes or harnesses.

Auto Cruiser Portable Pet Car Seat
Fully Portable
Auto Cruiser Pet Car Seat with Storage.
Lots of Storage

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The Auto Cruiser Pet Car Seat is a fully enclosed car seat designed to keep your pet comfortable and secure. The pop-up compartment safely elevates your curious pet up over 10” for a wide field of view. If you prefer you can simply unzip the top and allow your safely restrained pet to look out the window as you cruise around town and beyond. Can also be used as a handy pet carrier and has plenty of storage space in the suitcase below for both you and your pet’s travel essentials. Cruiser attaches securely to your car’s seat belt. Whether you are taking a road trip, visit to the vet, or just cruising town, enjoy Pet Cruiser today!

Wheel kit converts your Pet Cruiser to a rolling portable carrier for the airport, mall or anywhere you and your pet may journey.

Pet Cruiser® Auto™ Fully Enclosed Pet Car Seat in Roll Over Test.
(Abridged: 1:30)

Using a sepcially designed rotating car and an interior camera, two "Canine Test Dummies" demonstrate the difference between an unrestrained pet, and a pet inside the fully enclosed Auto Cruiser™ Pet Car Seat.

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Car Seat Features:
• Safe, comfortable, durable padded construction.
• Booster seat design elevates your pet by over 10”.
• Three sided screening allows EZ-flow cross ventilation.
• Doubles as a portable pet carrier with three sturdy carry handles
• Auto Cruiser secures to seat by Velcro® seat belt snugger.
• Top unzips and can be rolled down so your pet can enjoy fresh air and a look around.
• Two zippered side doors for easy access from each end.
• Quick snap pet safety belt attaches to your pet’s harness or collar.
• Roomy exterior cargo pocket for leashes, collars, treats etc.
• Removable and washable comfy fleece liner pad.
• Oversized self repairing zippers & locking pulls for security.

Auto Cruiser is Available in Four Colors:
Two-Tone Black & Tan
Swiss Red

Suitcase features
• Includes two detachable; snap in, 9"H x 13"W zippered bag travel kits (one mesh and one plastic) for food, treats, toys and other pet essentials.
• Easy zip side pocket to access items in suitcase, while in car seat mode.
• Carry/tow strap (which is included) attaches onto strong “D” rings. Strap can also double as a quick leash.
• Includes (4) 2.5" removable multi directional ball bearing wheels.
• Clad in easy clean 600 x 600 denier rip stop Polyester
• Suitcase collapses in seconds down to 10” for easy transport and storage
• 60 day warranty & satisfaction guarantee. (Excludes pet chewing damage)
• The Auto Pet Cruiser is available in two colors: Gray, Two-Tone Black/Tan, Swiss Red, Pink. Personalized Luggage and Pet ID tag included
• Portfolio version similar to above, less the suitcase option. Available in Gray.

Auto Cruiser Portfolio Pet Car Seat Auto Cruiser Slim Profile Portable Pet Car Seat.
Auto Cruiser ™ Portfolio Item # ACP100. Same roomy compartment as the Auto Cruiser but handy portfolio sized case, without the lower suitcase portion.

• Comfortably holds small-med pets up to: 12- 15 lbs. Up to 13" tall at the shoulders.
• Interior dimensions pop up pet compartment: 14”H X 18”W X 13”D
• Exterior dimensions (Deployed) 22”H X 18”W X 13”D
• Folds down to 9” in height to comply with most airline carry on standards (but not designed for airline pet travel unless your pet has his own seat.
• Interior dimensions of suitcase: 17"H x 13.5." W x 6” D
• Weight: Less than 12 lbs
• No assembly required

Enjoy safe auto travel with your pet today! Imported, Patent Pending.

Auto Cruiser- Gray MSRP $129.95+s/h, Item # AC100
Auto Cruiser- Tan/Black MSRP $129.95+s/h, Item # AC200
Auto Cruiser- Swiss Red MSRP $99.95+s/h, Item # AC300 ON SALE
Auto Cruiser- Pink MSRP $99.95+s/h, Item # AC400 ON SALE

Auto Cruiser – Portfolio—In Gray MSRP $119.95+s/h Item # ACP100. Same roomy compartment as the Auto Cruiser but handy portfolio" sized case, without the lower suitcase portion.

Safety Information:
For use in the back seat of your auto only. CAUTION: Never leave animals confined and unattended in a car or direct sunlight, without ample ventilation or where there is a risk of overheating. With windows closed-cars can heat to 120 degrees and can be fatal for killing your pet. Be sure to fully zip the side doors closed when pet is inside to prevent entanglement.

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